Address: Pettorano Sul Gizio


Over time, the door has been given various denominations: the ancient name of Porta Manere (or Manare) has been interpreted as being a connection with the old gate of  Manaresca in Sulmona, which was also East facing and whose Latin origin - "mane arescit" would suggest the aridity of the land due to its long exposure to the sun.   A second hypothesis connects the name of the gate with  ‘Manerio’, who was the Count of Valva and Lord of Pacentro.
The name "Cencia" refers to the circular piazza that perhaps was reminiscent of the form of a belt (from the Latin cingula) and was built on a cliff.
The name of "Royal Gate" was used instead only after 1832 when King Ferdinand II of Bourbon used it to access the village - an event reported on a plaque on which, however, the engraved date is no longer legible.
Near the door stood a defense tower, similar to that at the side of the gate of St. Nicholas, whose remains were visible until a only few decades ago.